Weed Weddings

🎵 Here comes the bride, a glaze atop her eyes 🎵

What is a weed wedding?

As cannabis becomes normalized in America and beyond, “weed weddings” are going mainstream.


A weed wedding is simply a wedding where cannabis consumption is integrated into the ceremony and/or reception. 


Sometimes replacing alcohol, other times offered as a complement, cannabis can be served either as smokable flower or dabbable extracts—or infused into edibles. 


Where alcohol has classically taken center stage at wedding receptions—featured in wet bars and at toasting time—cannabis now enjoys a similar social status. 


In short, any wedding that embraces cannabis could be called a “weed wedding.”

Featuring or hiding cannabis consumption

The crown jewel to any weed wedding, the High 5 Tours Mobile Smoke Lounge serves as a cushy ‘smoking section’ where high-minded attendees are encouraged to consume in comfort and style. 


Our lounge can be used to highlight or silo cannabis consumption—either bringing weed to the forefront or sectioning off the smoke show away from kids and attendees who haven’t yet gotten over the stigma surrounding the devil’s lettuce.


Just as no two weddings are exactly alike, the same can be said for weed weddings. Different groups integrate weed in different ways. There’s no right or wrong way to consume at a wedding, which is why we work with couples and planners to create a tailor-made experience.

A truly customizable weed lounge

Whether you’re getting hitched in nature or at a place of worship, the High 5 Mobile Smoke Lounge is available to use as you see fit.


Our Mobile Smoke Lounge is an entirely modular flex space. Meaning, the tiny-home chic interior can be customized and furnished to your exact specifications. By default, we offer a serving station and bench seating—but neither is required and both can be removed.


We work with wedding planners and couples to incorporate the lounge into your big day in a way that matches the vibe, look, and feel that you’re after. 


Decorum, layout, staffing, and add-on features like pre-roll buffets and signature, infused mocktails are coordinated to make the space and the experience exactly as you want it—seamlessly blending into intricately planned environments and fast-paced schedules.


Add-on services include:


  • Pre-roll buffet

  • Expert-curated flower or dab flights

  • Tool-library rentals, including (clean) bongs, pipes, and dab rigs

  • Signature THC and/or CBD-infused edibles and mocktails

  • White-glove hosting services

  • Dedicated budtenders or consumption guides