A Smoke Lounge for Birthday, Graduation, & Retirement Parties!

The High 5 Tours Mobile Smoke Lounge is here to take your party to the next level — providing a dedicated, fully customizable smoke spot.

Birthday Parties

Milestone birthdays like 21 and 40 only come once and are cause for celebration. Whether you’re hitting up a bowling alley or renting out a nightclub, the High 5 Mobile Lounge adds an element of excitement and adventure to any celebration.


To kick things up a notch, High 5 can connect you with cannabis chefs and mixologists to create weed-infused foods and beverages like cupcakes and signature mocktails. 


We can even help assemble “goody bags” for your guests — just like the ones from back in the day when you were a kid, but with weedy treats to help your guests settle into the vibe. Show your friends that their presence is a present by going all out on the party favors.

Graduation Parties

Today is the first day of the rest of your life—as well as a perfect occasion for a mind-bending weed party. 


Graduations often bring together family and friends who have varying relationships with cannabis. That’s why the High 5 Tours Mobile Smoke Lounge is a great addition to grad parties: it gives weed-loving guests a comfortable place to smoke — away from family members who haven’t yet gotten over the stigma surrounding “marijuana.”


Let us help you silo the smoke while accommodating all preferences… Whether you want to be discreet or loud and proud, our consumption space can be integrated however is most appropriate for your attendees.

Retirement Parties

If you’re rounding the finish line on your career life and entering your victory-lap years, look no further than the High 5 Tours Mobile Smoke Lounge to create a memorable sendoff.


Let’s take the plunge into life after employment together. After all, nothing says “gone fishing forever” like smoking a joint right in front of your (ex-) boss.


We can even furnish pre-roll buffets and/or hosts to guide your guests through the consumption experience.