High 5 Sponsored Wake and Bake Brunch Sells Out in 15 Minutes

PORTLAND, OR – MARCH 9, 2016 – The inaugural Wake and Bake brunch at
HunnyMilk has officially sold out. High 5 Tours will host the event’s official toking bus on
Saturday, March 26.

“We are excited to team up with HunnyMilk on this incredible idea,” said High 5 Tours
CEO Sam Rosenbaum. “It’s great to see so much enthusiasm about the brunch from
the people of Portland, and we’ll make sure it lives up to the hype.”

The Wake and Bake will feature HunnyMilk’s delicious homemade entrees, including
baked goods made completely from scratch at the restaurant. Participants can travel to
the landmark event in style with High 5 and will be granted access to the bus whenever
they want to step outside for a toke break. To highlight the mood, HunnyMilk – which is
part of Hogan’s Goat Pizza in northeast Portland – will be showing cartoons throughout
the brunch.

High 5 has quickly made a name for itself as the exclusive marijuana tour of Portland.
Its bus trips include a behind-the-scenes look at an industrial grow facility, as well as
VIP status at popular dispensaries around town. High 5 blends good times and learning
into a memorable experiences for cannabis lovers in the City of Roses. Its tour guides
are knowledgeable about the marijuana industry and happy to answer questions along
the journey.

With the immediate success of the first Wake and Bake, HunnyMilk and High 5 Tours
plan to make the cannabis-themed brunch a monthly happening. Sam Rosenbaum is
enthusiastic about its potential to become a can’t-miss experience for residents and
visitors of northern Oregon.

“You can’t go wrong with a delicious brunch, cartoons and toke bus hosted by High 5
Tours,” Rosenbaum stated. “We look forward to participating in a monthly Wake and
Bake session with HunnyMilk, and we urge any fellow Mary Jane smokers to grab a
ticket to the next brunch before they sell out.”

About High 5 Tours:
More information about High 5 Tours or to book a trip, please visit http://high5tours.com/.

About Hunnymilk:
For more information about HunnyMilk, please visit http://www.hunnymilk.com.

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