Finding the Spot!

So I was having my normal Thursday lunch with my dad last month and was telling him how I was thinking about getting some clones to grow at my house.  I’ve never grown cannabis before and have never been able to keep any plant, that wasn’t in the cactus family, alive for more than a month so I had some reservation about the idea.  My dad said, “It’s really easy, so I have heard, you just need to find the right spot. “

“Ok, Dad” I said playfully ignoring the elephant in the room of where he had heard this.  “Why don’t you come over this weekend and show me where around my house would be a good place for my new plants.”

The following Sunday my Dad stop by to help me find the right place to raise my plants.  We went out on the back patio and had a look around.  My dad excitedly pointed to the middle of the deck and said, “That is the spot they will love it there!“

He said then starting talking about sunlight and other gardening terms that I didn’t understand.  It didn’t matter to me I had my spot.  I was ready to start my growing adventure.fullLogo160px

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