Finding the Plants

Now that I had my spot it was time to get my clones. I was hanging with my buddy Charlies, who makes the best sandwiches in all Portland, who owns Charlie’s Deli and their website is – I should get free sandwiches for all the promo I do for you). We were trying to decide what to do I suggested we check Bridgecity Collective nearby because I heard they had clones.
We went over to Bridgecity and as luck would have it they had clones for sale. I decided on two girl scout cookies clones because everyone loves girl scout cookies (both the cookies and the pot strain). Charlie helped me pick the best ones because he has a bit more experience growing cannabis than I do.
We took them back to my house and I found a nice place on the window sill for them to grow until they are ready to be transplanted and moved to their spot outside. I named one of the Yellow after High 5 Tours Yellow Bus. I couldn’t come up with a name for the other one so I did what anyone would do when they need ideas I posted it on Facebook. Lucky for me my friends are very creative and came up with the name Mello. So that is how I came to the names Yellow (he is the tall one) and Mello(he is the chill one). Now High 5 Tours has two new mascots. Stay tunes for more updates as Yellow and Mello grow up.

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