About High 5 Tours

High 5 Tours is a mobile, 420-friendly smoke lounge and cannabis event space servicing the greater Portland, Oregon area.


Think “on-demand smoke spot,” available for weed weddings, birthdays, graduations, retirements, bachelor and bachelorette parties, cannabis-industry events, and any gathering where herb will be consumed.


The company was founded in 2014 as a cannabis tourism agency, providing both a unique place to smoke legal weed as well as behind-the-scenes access to Oregon’s world-renowned cannabis industry. 


For our tours, we invited attendees to pack into our converted airport shuttle bus, light up, and embark on excursions to licensed cannabis farms, dispensaries, and adult entertainment attractions across the city of Portland. 


Garnering positive reviews from The New York Times, Willamette Week, and other conventional media outlets, our tours were part smoke-out, part insider-for-a-day weed fantasy — appealing to both dedicated cannabis consumers as well as newcomers. 


In 2020, faced with pandemic-era health and safety restrictions, High 5’s “yellow pot bus” was forced to close its doors. And it remained as such for two years.


During the hiatus, we gutted the bus’ interior and redesigned the experience from the ground up.


Unveiled in Spring 2022, the freshly renovated bus-cum-lounge now features tiny home-chic styling and an entirely modular interior. Furnishings can now be swapped out and replaced to tool the space for your individual needs.

The Yellow Pot Bus

High 5 Bus Transparent BG

The Yellow Pot Bus is the heart of High 5 Tours. It is a 2011 Ford Eldorado bus with custom bench seating, service station, and modular interior to accommodate varying configurations.

  • We can provide clean glass pipes and bongs, dab rigs, and a joint rolling station!

  • Ceiling exhaust cycles fresh air when smoking on the bus!

  • Complimentary snacks, water and munchies!

  • Heat and A/C make for a comfortable smoke sesh no matter the weather!

The bus can be configured to meet your needs, whatever they may be!

Watch the clip that launched High 5 Tours

  • This segment aired on The Colbert Report on 3/13/14.

  • It is where Sam got the idea to start a cannabis tour company.

  • High 5’s first Cannabis tour was on 10/3/2015.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in a Mobile Smoke Lounge rental?

  • Hassle-free drop-off and pickup, before and after your event

  • Water, munchies, and surprise freebies

  • Use of our Smoke Tool Library

  • Cannabis is NOT included

  • Optional white-glove hosting services

Can I rent the bus for my birthday?

  • Yes! Your birthday, or any other special occasion. Bachelor parties, weddings, you name it!

  • High 5 Tours will work with you to create an atmosphere that suits your vibe and needs!

  • Make your birthday or bachelor party unforgettable with the help of the #yellowpotbus!

Can I rent the bus for a private event?

  • Yes! The yellow pot bus serves as a perfect smoking lounge for your event!

  • $500 for the first two hours, then $100 per additional hour. These rates don’t apply for 4/20 and 7/10.

  • $25 per hour for white-glove hosting services (optional). Or staff the bus yourself to save money.

  • Must have a designated parking space for the Yellow Pot Bus. Click HERE for more info!

I’m sold! How do I book the bus?!

  • Click the button below to reserve the bus today!

Rider Testimonials

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