Rent the bus in 2023

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The High 5 Tours Mobile Smoke Lounge is available for event rentals starting in April of 2023. Book today to secure the freshly renovated smoke spot ahead of the seasonal rush. Learn more about our all-new menu of services below. Please note: High 5 no longer offers weed tours, nor do we transport passengers—see our 2022 update for more info.

About our all-new Mobile Smoke Lounge

The High 5 Tours Mobile Smoke Lounge is Oregon’s most innovative cannabis consumption room and 420-friendly event space. Rent it for events, configure it as needed, and provide the ideal smoke spot for guests and attendees.


Whether you’re getting married, throwing an epic party, or looking for a pop-up location to host weed-focused events, High 5 is here to help. Our fully modular space can be configured as a lounge, dining room, weed bar, classroom, etc.—meaning, it can become whatever you need it to be, regardless of the use case.


In addition to the expanded functionality, our weed bus underwent floor-to-ceiling renovations during lockdown and now features a tiny home-chic interior as well as fast-release furnishings for easy scene changes.


Contact us today to book Portland’s favorite weed bus, request add-ons like pre-roll buffets and white-glove hosting, and discuss furnishing options.


Please note: High 5 no longer offers weed tours. More details below. If you’re looking for a cannabis tour in Portland, check out options from our friends at The Potlandia Experience.

Rent the bus for…

Weed Weddings

Getting hitched and wondering how to give your guests a space to smoke weed at your wedding? Deploy the High 5 Tours Mobile Smoke Lounge as a dedicated smoke spot on your special day!


Let High 5 Tours provide you with a safe space for smoking at your next shindig! Our smoke lounge is fully equipped for all your smoking needs and modular to suit any event!

Create your own adventure!

Cannabis Events

Add a temporary, dedicated smoke spot to venues where consumption is prohibited. Host vendor days, product-demo sessions, infused pop-up dinners, and intimate 420-focused events…

High 5 Tours is all new in 2022!

Weed tours are out. 420-friendly event rentals are in. Meet the freshly renovated smoke lounge.

It’s official: High 5 Tours no longer offers Portland weed tours. If you’re looking for a weed tour, hit up our partners at Potlandia Experience. They do a great job capturing Portland’s bustling cannabis scene. Tell ‘em High 5 sent you… Or don’t!

A mobile, 420-friendly event space

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While Portland cannabis tours are canceled indefinitely, the bus is available to rent for weed events as a 420-friendly flex space and temporary cannabis consumption site. 


We happily service weed weddings, cannabis parties of all kinds, weed-focused pop-up events, and 420-friendly gatherings large and small. 


Here’s how that works:


1.) Tell us where and when you need the bus, and how you’d like it to be furnished (as a smoke lounge, dining space, presentation room, etc.).


2.) Select from add-ons like pre-roll buffets, smoke-tool rentals, and expert-curated flower or dab flights.


3.) We show up and either supply a host at your request or park the weed bus at your designated location and leave you to it. Then we come back and break things down at the end of your event.


Pretty simple…

Freshly renovated smoke lounge

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During lockdown, we gave the High 5 Yellow Pot Bus a makeover.


Though it’s still a big yellow bus on the outside, we gutted the interior and replaced everything from the floors on up—think contemporary tiny-house vibes with a modular interior that can be reconfigured to suit just about any scenario.


The bus can be furnished for vendor days with smoking lounge functionality, as an intimate cannabis dining space, a classroom or presentation area… or anything else you can dream up. We’ll work with you to make the weed bus whatever you need it to be.


Keep in mind, the bus cannot transport passengers. Feel free to inquire about multi-location events and we can talk you through options.

Why do I need a dedicated smoke spot?

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Given Oregon’s progressive relationship with cannabis, you might be wondering why you’d need a dedicated smoke spot for your event.


Even though it’s true that recreational marijuana is both plentiful and legal in Oregon, the state’s cannabis consumption laws are fairly conservative compared to some other regions. Where states like Nevada, Colorado, and New York are piloting various approaches to social consumption, smoking weed in public is illegal in Oregon—full stop.


The primary legislation governing the situation is our Indoor Clean Air Act, a law first designed to prohibit tobacco smoke inside and within twenty feet of bars and restaurants that was later expanded to address cannabis. 


This means the options are slim for tourists and out-of-towners — limiting consumers to smoking at private residences and members-only social clubs (many of which shuttered during the pandemic and never reopened). Providing a remedy to the impractical legal situation, High 5 operates as a private space and therefore isn’t subject to the local smoking ban.


Built first as a safe haven for out-of-town visitors staying in hotels and rentals where smoking isn’t allowed, High 5 has since pivoted to service events: our custom-built and customizable mobile smoke lounge is available to complement existing venue infrastructure, adding a legal site for cannabis consumption to gathering places and party destinations.

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